Change Agent Kickoff sessions fire up Cohort 1

October 10, 2019

The week of September 30 saw the delivery of six Super User/Change Agent Kickoff sessions. More than 220 identified practice leaders attended at a variety of venues, from Conventus to Larkin to ECMC to the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Every single practice in ECMC ambulatory, GPPC and UBMD was represented by at least one change agent.

Dave Jenkins, Cerner’s embedded change management consultant, David Shao, embedded learning manager, and Jill Schlenker, training leader for GLIMR Expand, led the sessions which varied in size from five to 100 people.

No matter the size or location of the kickoff, however, the message was the same:

Change is hard.

The GLIMR Expand initiative is important and daunting.

We need front-line help getting people ready for that change. You are that army of help.

We have tools and information to help you help your colleagues with the change.

Participants committed to ongoing change agent meetings to get just-in-time information and assistance in leading change associated with various stages of the initiative.

A GLIMR Expand website is in progress and will be available soon. It will serve as an information clearinghouse for change agents and end users as they navigate workflow impacts and adjustments that the common EMR will necessitate. It will also be a place where anyone can submit questions or feedback about the project.

Thanks in advance to the change agents and super users who serve as message-bearers, empathetic listeners, new EMR sneak-peekers and change cheerleaders to the caregivers they work with.  We can’t do it without you because … change is hard.