Cerner Health Conference 2019 was a chance to explore the state of the art in EMR technology and culture

October 10, 2019

Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals gather at the Cerner Health Conference (CHC). This year’s conference, including the Cerner Physician Community Forum, was held at the Kansas City Convention Center from Sunday, October 6 through Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Great Lakes Health was well represented by about 20 attendees, including representatives from Kaleida Health, GPPC, Millennium Care Collaborative and Great Lakes Integrated Network. They participated in presentations including: keynotes, power sessions, education sessions, the solution gallery, “Cerner Live!” and networking events.

CHC is known as a hub for the latest innovations in healthcare and information technology. Each year, thousands of clients gather to identify methods that can be used to improve interprofessional care team workflows and connect patient information within the healthcare continuum.

Three of the sessions at CHC 2019 featured GLIMR project presenters:

Peter Winkelstein, MD, physician sponsor, was on a panel with speakers from BayCare Health System and Emory Healthcare. They presented on the topic of “Using continuing education and analytics to reduce burnout and improve the physician experience.” In addition to exploring the link between physician burnout and the EMR, these panelists shared efforts from coaching to analytics to address the issue of burnout in their various organizations. The session was standing room only, and several audience members were still lined up for the Q and A when the session came to an end.

Michele Lauria, MD, ambulatory medical information officer, co-presented with Seung Park, MD, chief health information officer at Indiana University Health, on the topic “Continued support: top predictor of end-user satisfaction.” In this well-attended and well-received session, the speakers spoke about creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Dr. Lauria and Dave Jenkins, Cerner’s change management guru, presented on “Change management for ‘ugly’ projects.” They spoke to ongoing change management efforts in each of GLIMR’s four pillars: Advance, Expand, Improve and Automate.

Particular emphasis was given to the roles of operational leads, change agent kick-off events (see page 3 for details) and the recently implemented Change Management Operational Lead Check List.