2020: GLIMR Expand moves forward

January 1, 2020

This year, GLIMR Expand will continue to progress as we work to achieve a single patient record across Great Lakes Health. In 2020, the project team will be completing the design phase of the project.

In addition, project team members have been meeting with providers and specialty subject matter experts to gain insight as to clinical requirements to support ambulatory documentation in the GLIMR Expand clinics.

Once the design has completed, we will being moving into a testing phase. Significant effort and planning will support a rigorous testing process, which will include having users, including providers, across GLIMR Expand provide validation of clinical content and workflows to support their clinics.

Next on our implementation journey will be delivery of training. There are several components of a successful training plan, which include some online content and hands-on classroom training, as well as adoption support during the go live waves.

Precise dates for when we expect go lives to occur will be actively reviewed in the Activation Planning Workgroup and will be shared in coming months.

Stay tuned for additional information as progress continues.